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      We carry thousands of fabric samples at our location.  Come by anytime to leisurely search for the perfect material for your next project or click the logos below to visit one or more of our fabric partners.  

Find what you're looking for?  Send us the pattern numbers and names and we'll send you pricing and samples upon request!

10-Year Fabric Protection Plan 

      Ask us about our fabric protection plan.  We'll apply a clear, protective coating to your material.  Once applied, this 'invisible' armor will protect your furniture from those easy to attain stains and spots.  For 10 years, your pieces will be covered for any food /drink spills, burns, cuts, rips, tears, human/pet bodily fluids, and more.  

Have an incident? No Problem!  A technician will come out to to clean and repair any damage covered.  If it can't be repaired, it will happily be reupholstered up to the value of your original purchase. 

Found the perfect fabric?

Get in touch and we'll take care of all the details.