Save money by repairing damaged furniture

3 things to consider:

1.  Cost of Restoration vs. Replacement Cost 

       We didn't become the largest furniture restoration company in the state of Oklahoma by luck.  Our craftsmen inspect each and every piece providing a detailed cost of restoration.  We then cross check this restoration cost with our opinion of its replacement value.  When complete, we'll send you a formal copy of our report and our suggestion for restoration or replacement based on cost.  

Over the past 25 years, we've built a database of replacement costs receipts provided by customers, replacement costs used by other insurance companies, and suggested retail prices at the time of sale.  With tens of thousands of prices in our system, our team can give you a good approximation of what each piece on your claim will cost to replace. 

2. Sentimental & Heirloom Items

        In many cases, it's not about the money.  Your insured has experienced an array of damage that includes heirloom or sentimental items.  Our team is trained in antique and high-value item restoration.  We will work directly with the insured to get their items back to their pre-loss condition.  Numerous times we've found that this was the difference in a happy customer at the end of the claim.  

3. Experienced Damage Mitigation

      It's important to call us quickly after a damage event has occurred.  Our team will advise your insured on the steps to take to mitigate any further damage.  Beginning the restoration immediately will prevent any deep and permanent staining from smoke, soot, water or mold.   Acting quickly is often the difference between items that are easily restorable and items that are a total loss. 



Hundreds of companies consider us their 'go-to source' for furniture restoration in the state of oklahoma.  Over 25 years, we've helped thousands of homeowners on MORE than 100,000 pieces of furniture damaged by fire or flood.  We make it our mission to get your family heirlooms and everyday items back to BETTER than pre-loss condition.  

Services we cover:

  • Furniture cleaning

  • Furniture repair

  • Deodorizing, Sanitizing, & Disinfecting

  • Furniture Refinishing 

Our services have benefitted:

  • Hotels & Motels

  • Bank branches

  • Universities

  • Churches

  • Movie theaters

  • Nursing homes