Where Broken Becomes New Again...

Trust our team’s decades of experience to repair your furniture items

Considering buying new furniture just because your current piece needs repair?  Get an estimate first! 

You loved that chair until its leg broke off, joints loosened, arms chipped or surface was scratched. It’s a familiar story. But don’t despair, call us instead.

We’ve restored thousands of pieces — large and small, old and new — each requiring a thoughtful approach to restore.  Almost daily, customers tell us they can’t locate the damaged area they brought in for repair. 

Invite our team of veteran craftsmen in OKC to repair your damaged furniture to new or better condition.  Our professional craftsmen can work wonders in bringing your furniture back to its original glory.

Furniture Repair Services:

  • Repair for breaks, chips, scratches and more

  • On-site maintenance

  • Pick-up & Delivery

  • Fabrication of missing parts

  • Tightening & Regluing

  • Touch-ups & Veneering

  • Water damage restoration

  • Caning & rushing

Common repair items include:

  • Antique furniture

  • Chairs

  • Kitchen, Bathroom, & Cabinet doors

  • Interior & Exterior doors

  • Banisters, Mantles, Paneling, & Trim

  • Wood paneling, Floors, & Baseboards

  • Crown molding

  • Shelves