Your kitchen is about to look better than ever!

It’s time — breathe beauty into your kitchen cabinets, vanities, and architectural millwork.

We’ve gained decades of experience in antique restoration by applying high quality, factory finishes on even the most difficult surfaces.  For the last decade, insurances companies have been asking us to use that knowledge to repair, touch-up, and refinish kitchen cabinets that were damaged in different events (fire, flood, etc).

After several of our repeat customers reached out to us over the years to fix botched finishing jobs attempted by 'fly-by-night' contractors, we decided OKC deserved a better kitchen refinishing option and here we are today.

We provide amazing results at a fraction of the cost of kitchen replacement by following a tested preparation process combined with state-of-the-art equipment.


Refinishing Process:

After years of larger scale cabinet projects, we’ve learned the most efficient way of completing them in a timely manner – which means getting our team out of your house faster!

1.          We will make create a map of your kitchen, label the drawers, and remove them from your cabinet boxes.  Each labeled drawer will be removed for stripping and refinishing at our shop. 

2.         Our team will mask the areas that need protection before we begin work on your kitchen to eliminate the risk of damage to other surfaces. 

3.         Once protection is in place our team will chemically clean the cabinet boxes in place to degrease the cabinets and remove any dirt, dust, and grime that has built up over the years.

4.         The boxes will be sanded to smooth out the surface and ensure that our stain/finish forms a strong bond. 

5.         Once the 1st coat of finish has been applied, we will repair and smooth out any unsightly areas before applying the final finish coats.

6.         The finish coats are applied to ensure cabinets that are sealed to protect them from daily use.

7.         Once your cabinets have dried, we will remove the protection from the surrounding areas and clean the work area well before leaving.

8.         Your doors have been completed in the shop!  We will deliver and install them to your newly refinished kitchen!